How To Cut Cookies When You Don’t Have Cookie Cutters?

Cookie cutters make cookie-baking fun, quick and easy. There are endless amount of different shapes and sizes of cookie cutters available, from a simple round and square to detailed 3D layered cutters. But what to do, when you need to bake some cookies and don’t have any cookie cutters available? Luckily there are plenty of items around your household that you can use instead of cookie cutters.

Probably one of the most common items you can use is a, drinking glass, to make nice evenly shaped round cookies. Try to find a glass with a really thin rim, to get a nice clean cut on your cookie dough.

For mini size cookies, you can also use backside of the piping nozzles to get cute little, one-bite cookies.

You can also do some freehand cookie cutting. Roll out your cookie dough, and use a sharp knife or a pizza cutter to cut out some cookies. You can go completely freehand when doing this, or you can make yourself a template and use that to cut out some more elaborate shapes.

You can also make some cookies without doing any cutting at all.

Take a small piece of cookie dough and roll it into ball between your hands. Place it on the baking paper and use back of your hand, rolling pin or a spoon to flatten them out.

You can also make some drop cookies. Instead of flattening the cookie dough balls you just made, leave them as is and bake the round balls. These will usually have softer texture, and are quite gooey in the middle.

So don’t let lack of cookie cutters ruin your baking and try some of these tips instead.