The Difference Between the 3 Styles of Eyelash Extensions

There are 3 main styles of eyelash extensions: Classic, Volume and Hybrid.  In short, Classic Lashes only have 1 lash extension per 1 natural lash, Volume Lashes have 3-7 lash extensions per 1 natural lash and Hybrid Lashes have between 1-7 lash extensions per 1 natural lash

Besides the technique in how they are applied, there are also a few other differences such as the thickness, weight and curve. For example, Classic Lashes are the thickest and heaviest of the 3 but the smallest amount of lashes is used. Meanwhile the Russian Volume Technique uses the thinnest & lightest eyelash extensions. While they are the thinnest and lightest, a lot of them is used –  which is why this look is sometimes referred to as being ‘fluffy’. Hybrid Lashes are a mix of the 2 described above – there will be both Classic and Volume Lashes applied in the Hybrid technique.

What is a Full Set of Lashes

Full Set appointment is your very 1st lash appointment – Fll Set is when there are no existing extensions and a full set of lash extensions will need to be applied.

For your 1st appointment, you lash stylist should discuss your preferred lash styles and the most suitable length, thickness & curve of the lashes for you. This is all heavily dependant on the

shape of your face, eyes and your natural lash healt.

How often should you get Infills

Every 6-8 weeks and your natural lashes are replaced by new lashes and with the lashes that fall outyour extensions will as well. By the 3rd or 4th week from your last appointment around half of your lashes have been replaced with new ones – meaning the old ones have by now fallen out or have just grown out and look uneven in length. This is when you should get your infills – so that the gaps can be refilled with new eyelash extensions and you don’t have to worry about starting againg and having a full set applied once more.